The Story Behind Our Brand

Today is a big day for everyone here at The Family Resource Network and also everyone at home. We’re unveiling our new family of logos! While sometimes change can be scary, it’s important to embrace it. Especially when there is so much happening that is very exciting!

Why Now?

For more than 50 years, we have been serving New Jersey families. Each year we continue to grow and each year we continue to collaborate with amazing partners to better serve those who need us. Our network is growing rapidly, which is why now was the perfect time for our brands to refresh.

Our New Look

The Inspiration Behind the Icon

We are stronger in numbers. Our revised graphics help further illustrate that bond and that next phase in our journey with you. Our new Family Resource Network logo and tagline, reflect the strength of our group….together.

That sense of community is what connects us and allows us to be stronger than before. This is at the core of the new interlocking, weaved icon for the Family Resource Network.

Weaving involves crossing two threads, the warp and the weft, one vertical and the other horizontal, one stretched taut and the other undulating and intertwined with the first. The weft is built thread by thread, weaving in and out between the warp threads, touching each one as it passes by; in the same way our daily actions weave through our values, our mission and our purpose, touching each one along the way.

The intertwining of the colors of the network of non-profits that makes up the Family Resource Network is a representation that we are stronger together. And our new tagline – Independence powered by community echoes that sentiment.

We have also refreshed our affiliate logos and iconography for Autism Family Services of NJ and Caregivers of New Jersey. Epilepsy Services of NJ remains the same to stay inline with the Epilepsy Alliance America’s logo.

Throughout the next few months, you will see different phases of our brand evolution. Through our refreshed website, to new print materials, advertisements and on our social media channels, we will begin implementing these changes. Rest assured, it only gets better from here and we are SO excited for what’s to come.

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