The Family Resource Network, New Jersey based organization, will convene many of the nation’s industry leaders and family caregivers for the 2020 National Caregivers Conference (NCC), scheduled for Oct. 15-16, 2020. (Virtual Conference – More Information Coming Soon)

The theme of NCC 2020 is “The Spirit of Resilience”. As The Family Resource Network works directly with family caregivers, it often uses and promotes the “put your oxygen mask on first” metaphor. The organization knows that maintaining resilience is relevant to the 63 million caregivers nationwide who are dedicated to providing 24/7 direct care and support for a loved one who has a chronic condition, mental health challenges, disability and/or is aging. The National Caregivers Conference addresses these challenges by creating spaces for collaboration, learning and healing.

“As we prepare for an election year, the topic of healthcare is at the center of many debates. When I think about both administering and receiving healthcare, I think about the caregiver – the loved one who is responsible for refilling prescriptions, scheduling doctor’s appointments and navigating health insurance plans. I think about the impact that caregiving has had on their wellness – physically, mentally and financially. I think about how resilient one must be to take on a role that is so often undefined, and selflessly care for a loved one without the needed supports to care for one’s self.  Lastly, I think about the work that still needs to be done; to improve the care for caregivers, to advocate for more supports, and to create a shared network that prioritizes inclusivity among the diversity of all our caregivers. As the Chair of The National Caregivers Conference, it is my hope, that you will join us on October 16th at the 2020 National Caregivers Conference to experience and contribute to The Spirit of Resilience among our nations caregivers.” – Dr. Adeola Sonaike, PhD.

The conference will feature an array of breakout sessions highlighting the impact of resilience on personal health and caregiving. Additional conference highlights include the renowned Caregiver Shark Tank. We are aware that innovators throughout the nation are developing new programs and products that aim to empower and positively impact activities of daily living for people with the greatest health needs and their caregivers. The Caregivers Shark Tank will present a platform to share these ideas with the Sharks who have the capacity to bring new models to the forefront of caregiving practice.

All finalists will be invited to present their new ideas, products, technology’s, or therapeutic concepts at the National Caregivers Conference on October 15, 2020 in front of the panel of judges (Sharks), venture capitalists, leading industry investors, healthcare providers and caregivers.

The Family Resource Network looks forward to welcoming top health leaders and family caregivers at the NCC 2020 in Philadelphia. For more information about the conference, call for proposals, and registration, please visit,

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