On July 23, 2018 eight (8) State-based non-profit organizations, serving approximately 1 million people living with epilepsy and seizure disorders, united to form the Epilepsy Alliance America (EAA), a national organization dedicated to providing local support, care, and services to those living with epilepsy.

“EAA’s founding member organizations are elevating daily service levels, and have developed a platform for sharing resources, best practices and information that can be tailored to meet the individualized needs of each community,” stated H. Davis Cole. EAA Board Chairman about the newly formed group.

The founding members of EAA include some of the longest-standing, most influential epilepsy organizations in the country, including: Epilepsy Alliance Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Western & Central Pennsylvania, New York-based Epilepsy Pralid, Inc., and Puerto Rico.

Because of its focus on providing localized services for people with epilepsy, seizure disorders, and their families, caregivers, and communities, in the past 12 months EAA has quickly become the nation’s most recognized community-based epilepsy organization. EAA promotes independence and quality-of-life for people with epilepsy.

“We are thrilled to be members of such a supportive and diverse network of experienced epilepsy providers who are all dedicated to putting people with epilepsy and their families first,” stated Dr. Adeola Sonaike, Senior Vice President of Health & Innovation at Epilepsy Services of New Jerseyand one of the founding board members of Epilepsy Alliance America.

It’s a brand new day for people with epilepsy and an exciting first year for EAA. As part of its 1-year anniversary, the EAA has launched a new website: www.epilepsyallianceamerica.org

Other exciting accomplishments include:

  • In Florida, a newly funded national HRSA initiative will be implemented to transform health care for children and youth with epilepsy and increase access to coordinated, quality health care through Epilepsy Alliance Florida
  • In New Jersey, a young advocate is working with Epilepsy Services of New Jersey to introduce legislation that will advocate for seizure first aid training and recognition in schools
  • In New York, Epilepsy Pralid, Inc. has expanded their services upstate by increasing summer camp enrollment by 25% and by introducing of new networking and wellness groups that connect people with epilepsy and their families with each other.

In preparation for Epilepsy Awareness Month in November, EAA will be launching its nationwide 1-in-26 education campaign in an effort to raise awareness of the fact that one in twenty six people in the United States will develop epilepsy at some point in their lifetime.

We invite you to get involved. For more information on how to get involved with local and national efforts with the Alliance, or to participate in Epilepsy Alliance America’s #1in26 Campaign, please visit www.epilepsyallianceamerica.org or call us at: 1-800-642-0500

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