Epilepsy Services of New Jersey is pleased to announce a scholarship program for New Jersey high school seniors who have epilepsy.

 We will be offering $1,000 scholarships to New Jersey high school seniors with Epilepsy who plan to further their education. Academic achievement and participation in activities will be considered.  The extent of a student’s disability(s) will be taken into account as well, so that s/he need not be near the top of her/his class to qualify.  Final awards will be made by Epilepsy Services of New Jersey, which reserves the right not to make any awards.

Please find the attached scholarship application for photocopying and distribution. We will begin accepting applications March 1st and all applications and supporting documents are due April 29, 2022.  Should you have any questions, please contact Andrea Racioppi at scholarships@epilepsynj.org or  (800)336-5843.



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