Director’s Message

While the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey began in 1970 as an organization to assist families affected by epilepsy, we found that many of the people we worked with had other disabilities in addition to epilepsy. In 2004, we launched The Family Resource Network, including four affiliate organizations, to better address the needs of the families we were already serving.

The integrated affiliate organizations, Autism Family Services of New Jersey, Caregivers of New Jersey, Family Support Center of New Jersey and the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey, each serve their own purpose.

The Family Resource Network has become exactly as its name suggests; a network of resources geared towards families with special needs. We are proud of our accomplishments and growth in recent years.

The Family Resource Network is dedicated to providing families with special needs the resources and services they require to lead complete and satisfying lives. It takes more than just grants and paperwork to achieve this goal. We stress the importance of education and awareness of the disabilities and address the needs that exist so that the general public will be familiar and understanding of their circumstances.

We assist families in finding services and making the most out of the state’s available resources. Many of our programs are county-based and therefore have a localized and personal feel for our families.

To those who have been involved with the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey from the beginning, I thank you for your support and service. Without your assistance and contributions this organization would not be what it is today. I welcome those who have just found The Family Resource Network and are first learning about the wide-range of services we provide and the new programs that have yet to be created to assist you in living a full and happy life.

Eric M. Joice
Executive Director

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