This webinar will address the New Jersey Statewide Transition Plan and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services rules and regulations governing residential settings. Particular emphasis will be on how to establish eligibility and access funding for residential placements..

In addition, participants will be provided with a basic knowledge of how to obtain residential funding for individuals under the age of twenty-one through the Children’s System of Care and local school districts. DDD funding for residential placements for individuals over the age of twenty-one through the Community Care Program will also be presented. Topics covered will include: how to apply, eligibility, effective advocacy and accessing specific services. The waiting list will be discussed as well as how placements can be made on an emergency basis bypassing the waiting list. The New Jersey Statewide Transition Plan and its impact on residential options will be discussed. Specific information on a variety of housing projects will also be presented.

This session is being presented by:
Lisa McCauley Parles, Esq.
Parles Rekem, LLP – Attorneys At Law

This webinar is being offered free of charge.


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