The Family Resource Network is pleased to offer an archive of past webinars to bring you information and education on your time and at your convenience. Click below to view each archived webinar or view upcoming webinars and training events.

2014 Guardianship Webinar Series

Presented by The Family Resource Network and SerraWeis Guardianship Law Center

Debunking Guardianship Myths
It is not an all or nothing proposition.  An overview of guardianship basics.

Representing Yourself in Court
Navigating your way through the system.  Being informed about the legal process of ProSe.

Free Webinar! New World Tour: Your Questions Answered
Did you miss our live webinar answering families’ questions across the state? You can view the recording of our webinar to learn the next steps to understanding Medicaid eligibility and DDD Services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Guardianship Basics Do you need to learn more about becoming a legal guardian of your loved one with a developmental disability? View our archived webinar presented by Serra/Weiss Attorneys.

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