Fundraiser Guidelines

To help you plan your fundraising event, The Family Resource Network developed the following guidelines for your fundraiser. Please be sure to follow these guidelines when conducting an event on our behalf.

  1. No fundraiser will be considered if it involves taking credit card or financial information over the telephone or internet.
  2. You are responsible for all sales, marketing and promotion of the event. This is done so that The Family Resource Network staff can focus on the agency’s core fundraising activities such as the Mardi Gras, Golf Classic, Seaside Soiree and Walk for a Brighter Tomorrow.
  3. If you would like to publicize your event using promotional materials such as brochures, or advertising/public relations released to the mass media (newspapers, magazines, radio, TV) and reference The Family Resource Network as a beneficiary of funds, please contact Resource Development as we must review the materials to make sure they comply with our policies.
  4. The Family Resource Network is not in a position to supply funding for your event and will not be responsible for any debts incurred.
  5. Anybody wishing to receive a receipt from The Family Resource Network for tax purposes must make their donation via check made out to “The Family Resource Network” or process a donation via credit card through our donation site. Cash contributions cannot be verified and therefore we cannot provide a letter certifying the amount of the donation.
  6. Before the fundraiser, the organization or individual must complete and submit the Individual Fundraiser Registration Form.
  7. We will send you an acceptance letter from The Family Resource Network. You must receive this communication before we can move forward with your event.
  8. The event host should not use The Family Resource Network name to solicit its own sponsors, but can say that The Family Resource Network is the beneficiary of the activity.
  9. Let The Family Resource Network staff know the results of the event.
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